5 juin 2015

Le Héron crabier

ou Crabier chevelu

Ardeola ralloides
 Pelecaniformes - Ardeidae

Ce bitnik aux "cheveux" longs en plumage nuptial est d'une jolie couleur dorée et la moitié haute de son bec d'une belle couleur bleue. Celui-ci cherche des branchages pour améliorer son nid, situé en hauteur dans les arbres. Il se nourrit comme tous les hérons de poissons, d'insectes mais surtout de batraciens.La lumière est très dure mais on n'a pas toujours le choix!!

Squacco heron 
Quite a bitnik with its long "hair"! The breeding plumage is is a lovely soft golden colour and the top of its beak is blue. This one is in search of nesting material to improve the nest built at a tree top. It feeds like all other herons on fish and insects but mainly on frogs. A very hard light but we don't always have a choice! 

 Il profite ici d'un peu de soleil, la météo étant une fois de plus bien pourrie ce printemps.

Taking advantage of the rare moments the sun is shining since this spring is as rotten as the previous ones :(

Bubulcus ibis
Non loin de là, un Héron garde-boeufs en nuptial guette pateimment, une mouche sur le dos!

Not far off, a Cattle egret in nuptial plumage is patiently waiting, a fly on its back!

* * * * * * * * * * *

A nouveau absente quelques jours, je vous souhaite une excellente semaine, à bientôt!

Away for another few days, I wish you all a great week :)

20 commentaires :

chc c a dit…

Merveilleuses photos !!!

Mitou La Bretonne 56 a dit…

coucou Nouschka
Il est plus beau que notre héron local mais son regard n'est pas pour autant plus sympa !!
gros bisous

Patsfotos. a dit…

Hi Noushka.

What an amazing photos of this beautiful Squacco Heron.

Groettie frome Patricia.

Roy Norris a dit…

Lovely colouring Noushka.
Yes the Summer needs to improve considerably to make up for that Spring we have just had.

Rick Forrestal a dit…

Great heron pics.
Love that "long hair" look!

eileeninmd a dit…

Hello Noushka, the Sqaucco Heron is beautiful. I love their long (hair) feathers. Is this heron found where you live? The Cattle Egret is pretty to with their breeding colors. Awesome photos. Happy Friday, have a great weekend!

Vieux Matou a dit…

Magnifiques oiseaux.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder a dit…

Dearest Noushka,
Lovely 'bitnik' or Squacco heron photos and also your cattle egret photo is lovely.
Sending you hugs for the weekend!

Fundy Blue a dit…

I'm getting such an education from reading your blog, Noushka! Before I met you, I thought there were two types of herons, long-necked and short-necked. It seemed like I aways saw a species of heron in one neck position. Imagine my chagrin when I realized that herons could pull their heads in or stretch them out. LOL! Enjoy your break! Hugs!

Bas a dit…

Noushka fourth photo which I find really a topper

Nancy Chan a dit…

Stunning long haired beauty! I especially like the last 3 photos.

Germán Ibarra Zorrilla a dit…


Nathalie Santa Maria a dit…

Hello Oiselle
Punaise que tes photos claquent ! Le crabier est royale, un dieu :)

l'angevine a dit…

il est magnifique

Framboise 44 a dit…

Je ne l'avais encore jamais vu d'aussi près !
c'est saisissant quel bel oiseau

Chamoiselle a dit…

Jamais vu en live ces deux là !

Corrie a dit…

Dear Noushka,
I'd never known about its existence, but its a beauty, this hairy heron.
And you show this on magnificent pictures. Thank you.
Best regards, Corrie

Ana Mínguez Corella a dit…

Qué preciosa la Cangrejera. .La has clavado.. Enhorabuena..

Alicia a dit…


David Gascoigne a dit…

Amazing shots, Noushka. That Squacco Heron sure is a handsome bird and there is such variation in the members of this family. I have a spot here where a little later this year I expect to see four species together - Great Blue Heron, Great Egret, Black-crowned Night Heron and Green Heron.My pictures will not even come close to yours, however! I am going to write to the French Government and tell them to bestow a special medal of wildlife excellence on you!!

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