29 oct. 2016

Oies cendrées en Ariège

Anser anser
Anseriformes - Anatidae

Elles font partie du paysage à Mazères tout comme les Cigognes blanches qui font l'objet d'un suivi méticuleux et réussi.
Si ce gros anatidé parait lourdaud sur la terre ferme, en vol il est très gracieux. 

Greylag goose
They are part of the landscape in Mazères as are the White storks which are part of a successful reintroduction program. If this a heavy and clumsy bird on land but in flight it is a different story: 

Nikon D7200 + 500 mm f/4


8 commentaires :

Antonio Puig Garcias a dit…

Hola amiga Noushka,bellas fotos de estos Gansos y todas las subidas de esta semana hay alguna que me traen buenos recuerdos de tu visita a LLeida.Esperando vernos de nuevo.Un fortisimo abrazo y feliz domingo.

Rhodesia a dit…

Wow Noushka, this looks like a ballet in motion, amazing photos I am sooooooo impressed. Have a good Sunday and take care, hugs Diane

Nick Morgan a dit…

Lovely pictures as ever. We have a few thousand Greylags and Pinkfeet here at the moment, feeding on the winter wheat and roosting in the river estuaries.

Jeanne a dit…

Love your shots of the greylag goose, especially the ones of them taking off. How beautiful and the photos really have captured all of the work it takes to get airborne. I also appreciated your comment on my blog of the banding of the swan. I was very concerned when I saw this band, and was sad for the bird as it looked to me as if this large neck band was uncomfortable and could cause many problems. I had never seen this before, and hope not to see it again. Leg banding , when necessary only, seems like a much better option to me.

Titus John White a dit…

Hi Noushka, Greylag are a delightful goose which we get a reasonable number of at Rutland. You have really captured them in such a delightful way, the take off images are really something. Regards John

Ana Mínguez Corella a dit…

WoW!!!.. Very nicely done. :-)))

lejardindelucie a dit…

Ces oies! Toujours se donner en spectacle!

Didi a dit…

Ce qu'elles sont belles et expressives !
Merci pour tes clichés qui me régalent toujours autant.
Bisous et bon WE

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