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Hello dear friends,
Off again for a couple of weeks, I wish you a great weather and lots of photo opportunities! My best wishes :)

Hello les ami-e-s,
Je m'absente à nouveau pour un moment, je vous souhaite du beau temps et de belles opportunités de photos, bizzzzzz

29 janv. 2017

Coot action and Moorhens

Gruiformes - Rallidae
  Fulica atra

 Photos prises au Teich en décembre.
Nikon D500 + 800 mm f5/6E

La Foulque macroule
Deux oiseaux que j'aime bien "marier" dans un même article!
La Foulque est la moins timide des rallidés, famille dans laquelle on trouve la Poule d'eau ci-dessous, et le Râle entre autres.

Eurasian Coot
Unbelievable how many species are called 'common something'!! To me no bird is common, especially nowadays with their dramatic decline...


Si vous ne savez pas où il va, lui le sait...

Heading towards...


... faire déguerpir un rival éventuel!

... an eventual rival!


La Poule d'eau - Common moorhen


Adulte en automne - Adult in the fall:

Away for a few days ;-)
Absente quelques jours ;-)

11 commentaires :

  1. Dear Noushka,
    beautiful series of these coots and moorhens.
    Allthough we see a lot of them, that doesn't mean that they aren't beatiful or ... that it's easy to make such beautiful pictures. Well done, I like this series very much.

    Best regards, Corrie

  2. Hello Noushka, awesome collection of Coot and Moorhen photos. Have a happy day and new week ahead.

  3. Hi Noushka.

    Wonderful Coots and moorhens.
    Beautiful pictures show you.

    Groettie from Patricia.

  4. Hi Noushaka, as you say so many are called Common but the Coot and Moorhen are both really beautiful but common birds. Super set of images. Have a good few days away Gran. All the best John

  5. Superbes gros plans ! j'adore

  6. beautiful photos of them!
    you are right, common?
    looking at your photos, I am reminded of a little bird that lived at my pond one summer, a Sora. I loved seeing it out there and sometimes it let me get pretty close. There are some similar things to it, but I guess they aren't related. I have so much to learn about birds.

    I hope you are well.

  7. Hi Noushka,
    Coots and common moorhens are very common with us. I normally don't take pictures of them, but when they are involved in a fight or when they are having their offspring it is more challenging. Anyway, you show us here a number of great pictures. It becomes clear that they are worth it that also photographers pay attention to them.
    Greetings, Kees

  8. How I've missed your gorgeous photos, Noushka! And I agree, no bird is common! Sorry I've been absent. I've been traveling and have had major technology issues! I hope that you had a good Christmas and that your new year has gone well. Sending you , my friend!

  9. Très belles images mais alors la dernière est waou fantastique !!!

  10. Hello oiselle !
    Belle série mais la dernière photo de la poule d'eau est une pure merveille, ça c'est de la photo !
    Bisesssssssssssssss, j'espère que tout se passe bien là-haut !!!

  11. La luz era excelente y se les ve perfectamente definidos los colores.. Enhorabuena..


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