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Hello dear friends,
Off again for a couple of weeks, I wish you a great weather and lots of photo opportunities! My best wishes :)

Hello les ami-e-s,
Je m'absente à nouveau pour un moment, je vous souhaite du beau temps et de belles opportunités de photos, bizzzzzz

18 févr. 2017

Ardeidés: Héron cendré et Grande aigrette

Pelecaniformes - Ardeidae
Nikon D500 + 800 mm
Mi-décembre au Teich, l'inter-action entre les espèces se passe bien, d'autant que la prochaine saison de reproduction est loin. A ce moment-là, 14 à 15 Héron cendrés partagaient le coin, au fond devant le 17 pour qui connait. La durée d'immobilité de ces oiseaux et leur lenteur de déplacement quand ils  recherchent leurs proies sont impressionnantes!

Grey herons and a Great egret
Mi-December on the Atlantic coast.
It is always quite surprising to watch these birds as they can stay perfectly still in the same place for ages and be so sluggish as they hunt for prey before striking so fast! The birds are over 100 meters away.

Je retrouve d'autres hérons tout au long de la balade dans la réserve:

I come across more herons as I walk in the bird sanctuary:

Back soon - De retour bientôt

11 commentaires :

  1. Hi Noushka.

    Beautiful pictures of the Herons.
    Nicely together.

    Groettie from Patricia.

  2. Looks like the flight of a king, and the walk of a ballerina. These birds are magnificent and it's a pleasure to see them outdoors, isn't it!?

    Have a nice weekend Noushka!
    Many many hugs

  3. Hola mi querida amiga Noushka,una semana muy movida por lo que he visto,fotos bellas y magnificas de la Garza real y de todos los comensales de tu comedero,veo que funciona bastante bien,tus Grullas y el Cernicalo me gustaron mucho tambien.Un fuerte abrazo amiga y feliz domingo.

  4. Hi Noushka, another wonderful set of images of the Heron and Great White Egret, the Heron is a common bird but wonderful to photograph, a very stylish bird. All the best and have a good week. John

  5. Hi Noushka,
    Grey herons are pretty common with us. Sometimes they are shy, but in areas where they regularly meet people it is not too hard to approach them. With the great white egrets it is quite different, although their number is increasing and they come more often in the vicinity of people.
    Greetings, Kees

  6. Hello, love the herons and the pretty Shelduck. Wonderful photos! Happy Sunday, enjoy your week ahead!

  7. Coucou oiselle
    Ils sont superbes ! Et cette lumière extra :)
    Merci pour ton appel, je te réponds pour demain matin à ton mail, mais je te passe un coup de bigo également demain dans la journée.
    Grosse bises oiselle.

  8. Bonsoir Noushka
    Ils sont très beaux et la coexistence pacifique évidente. Ce sont quand même de grands oiseaux qui n'ont pas besoin de s'affronter.
    Bise et bonne soirée

  9. Dearest Noushka,
    Wow, for you it's already February 20, can't believe how the time is passing...
    Love your photos of these long legged water hunters, the Grey herons and the Great egret with its beautiful green eyes.
    Here in our creek and pond we often see a Grey heron, one morning when I had to get out through the garage, one was very close to where I walked. No camera of course... Also we found a small fish on the lawn, near the pond so maybe they dropped one when flying off. So much to discover in nature and always interesting!

  10. otra bella serie de imagenes de naturaleza, amiga... Todas rozando la perfección
    Un abrazo

  11. Fantasticas!!! Enhorabuena artista..


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