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22 oct. 2017

Bergeronnette des ruisseaux

Grey wagtail - Lavandera cascadeña
Motacilla cinerea
Spain, 2017/09/30
Nikon: D500, D750 + 800 mm f5/6/E

Un joli petit oiseau qui fréquente volontiers les rives des points d'eau. Un affût au bord de celui que je retrouve avec plaisir à chacune de mes visites m'a valu ces quelques clichés.

Quite a lovely and colorful little bird, it was a real pleasure to have them around my hide at my usual water dam in Catalonia. Always on the move and difficult to seize, the tail is so long one can hardly have the whole bird perfectly sharp!

17 commentaires :

  1. Hoi Noushka.

    Beautiful pictures of this beautiful bird.
    With his mouth open is super.

    Groettie from Patricia.

  2. Beautiful images, Noushka. I have alway found these birds difficult to photograph. As well as that long tail making it difficult to get all in focus, I find that the composition of the image is a challenge too - it's tempting to end up with an image that is letter-box shaped! You have managed this problem superbly!

    With my very best wishes - - Richard

  3. Hello Noushka, stunning captures of this Grey Wagtail. As Always a joy to see these caputres you make.

  4. Such a pretty little bird, and great photos. We seldom see wagtails of any kind around here. Very wet up here the last few days, hope the rib is feeling a bit better, very gentle hugs, Diane

  5. Hello Noushka, your Grey Wagtail is beautiful. Lovely photos. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead.

  6. Hello ma oiselle.
    Oh qu'elle est jolie. Dis donc quelle coïncidence, j'en ai eu une dans le jardin ce matin....
    Je l'adore elle aussi et je ne la vois pas souvent.
    Tu m'a fait trop rire avec ton dernier mail, je réponds ASAP.

  7. Coucou Noushka,
    Elle est super jolie, et bien évidemment je les aime beaucoup aussi. Elles fréquentent les même pierres que mes chers petits Cincles, et je ne m'en régale que plus.
    Très belle série.
    Grosses bises et bonne fin de journée

  8. Dearest Noushka,
    Oh, I almost can see you smiling in your hide... What a cute and very elegant bird this Grey wagtail!
    Love your actions photos and above all, the one where he lifts up his foot.
    Sending you hugs from a sunny and warm Georgia, we just biked a little round of 9 km.
    Not much but for anyone eighty-eight years old with a 'leaking heart valve' it is quite an accomplishment!
    Anxious to find out more on the 30th, this Wednesday on the 25th he will have a nuclear stress test done...

  9. Hi Noushka,
    Beautiful pictures. We had Grey Wagtails nesting at our house in the Scottish Borders this year. They are lovely birds.

  10. Pretty little grey wagtail, Noushka! I wanted to say, "Peekaboo, I see you!" on your last post! I'm happy now to have a picture of you in my mind! Have a great week, my friend!

  11. Hi Noushka,
    You can be satisfied and proud. And the bird has to be satisfied too: the bird can't have any reason to complain about the quality of the pictures. They can hardly be better.
    Greetings, Kees

  12. Ah que oui, elles sont belles ces petites bergeronnettes, je n'ai jamais eu la chance d'avoir une telle proximité avec elles hélas !

  13. Qu'il est beau et je l'adore avec le bec grand ouvert. Merci pour ce partage Noushka.
    Bonne semaine et bises tout plein

  14. A lovely species that I saw quite frequently on my my recent visit to Slovenia and Croatia. It was outnumbered by White Wagtail, but both were a delight to encounter, especially since we have no members of this family in Ontario. Have a great week, Noushka.

  15. Bonjour Noushka,

    Un oiseau que je trouve très joli et que j'ai plaisir à voir. L'environnement dans lequel tu l'as photographié est très beau, et j'aime particulièrement les photos ou les teintes sont chaudes.
    Bises et bonne journée.

  16. Hola guapa.. Que elegantes que son.. Magnificas imágenes.. Un abrazo..


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