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28 mai 2018

Les lions kenyan - 02

Panthera leo

Lipstik, un des grands lions du Mara n'est plus. J'ai eu la chance de le photographier quelques semaines avant sa mort. Il boitait si bas qu'il avait beaucoup de mal à se déplacer jusqu'aux proies de son clan. D'autres jeunes mâles ont déjà pris position pour lui succéder, Hakuna Matata ('pas de problème' en Swahili), c'est le grand cycle de la vie dans la savane!

Kenyan lions

Here limping badly
Lipstik one of the great Mara lions, is no more. I am happy to have immortalised him a few weeks before his death. He was deeply wounded and limped so badly he could barely get to the pride's kills. Other young males are in line to succeed him, Hakuna Matata ('no problem' in Swahili), it is the way of the savannah!

Un jour, alors que nous voulions trouver un léopard, le ciel menaçait comme souvent le soir. Mais au fur et à mesure que nous descendions vers le sud, lce gros orage prenait clairement notre direction. Prudemment, il fut décidé de faire demi-tour pour rentrer au camp mais je prends vite fait cette photo avec mon portable:

One day, as we were after a leopard, the sky threatened as often in the evening. But as we drove toward the South, this heavy storm was clearly coming our way. We decided to turn back to the camp but first I took this picture with my cell phone:

Et voilà que nous tombons sur une bande de 6 jeunes lions trempés par des trombes d'eau; ils sont devenus après mon départ, une véritable terreur pour un clan en particulier, celui de Rembo, une lionne qui venait de mettre bas à 3 lionceaux. Comme souvent, les lions mâles exclus de leur famille se regroupent un temps et quand ils se sentent prêts à prendre le contrôle d'une troupe, ils s'attaquent tout d'abord aux petits de celle-ci afin d'éliminer la descendance et les gènes du chef. Et le drame se produisit quelques semaines après mon départ: Rembo a courageusement défendu ses rejetons mais a du admettre sa défaite et se soumettre aux nouveaux maîtres.

We then found on a group of 6 young lions drenched by the heavy rainfall; after my departure, they became a real terror for a clan in particular, that of Rembo, a lioness which had just given birth to 3 cubs. As often, young males expelled from their clan might regroup for a time until they are ready to take a pride over and kill the cubs in order to eliminate the dominant male's offspring and its genes. And the drama played out a few weeks after I left: Rembo fought bravely but she had to admit defeat and submit to here new masters.

19 commentaires :

  1. Coucou Noushka,
    Un pincement au coeur de savoir que ce magnifique Lion n'est plus, mais c'est la vie...
    Quelle série, que dire si ce n'est que j'ai fait plusieurs passages pour admirer ces animaux magnifiques???
    Les pauvres, sont bien enquiquimerdés aussi avec les mouches ;-(
    Grosses bises et bonne journée

    1. Merci Pascale :)
      6 jeunes mâles adultes sont arrivés sur ce territoire et prennent les choses en mains...
      Les vieux mâles sont condamnés, les lionceaux supprimés et la troupe va profiter d'un nouvel élan!
      Bises et belle journée :)

    2. La nature est aussi cruelle....

  2. Knowing that you have been spending a lot of time in Africa recently I have been watching some You Tube videos abiut life on the savannah. . What I see are many tourist vehicles, sometimes more than twenty, surrounding a lion making its kill, or other similar activities, wild dogs bringing down prey, cheetahs hunting etc. The vehicles are moving around, jockeying for position, cameras are clicking, people are verbalizing their emotion in different this the way you are experiencing these creatures? Seems almost like a cross between a circus and a zoo to me.

    1. Thanks David for your interesting input
      but no, this is not the case where I go. At the most there will be 7 or 8 vehicles i - and only IF - there a very special scene and the guide-drivers will keep their distance.
      I know what you describe happens in Tanzania a lot and I will never go there.
      Also, an interesting development is happening:
      many african governments are realising the potential of tourism and especially photographers and are turning poachers into guards for the reserves; this is the case now in Kenya, and in Botswana they are very wary to preserve endangered species such as cheetah... Search for: "Cheetah for ever".
      I myself am getting involved with a guide-ornithologist, now a friend in Baringo (to whom I offered a camera. His knowledge about birds is such that I want him to take photos of as many species as possible and show them to children in the schools. I will be back, as I told him, and go with him beginning of next year.
      My friends Tony Crocetta and his wife Sylvie, who own the camp site on the Mara river, are very concerned too about saving the fauna by any means and ready to help me...
      I hope this answered you question....
      Keep well my friend, no need to be angry ;-)

    2. David, I never saw this in Natal or Botswana, we were generally very much alone drivng around in our own vehicle. Diane

  3. Hi Noushka.

    The photos are beautiful
    Also those with your mobile from the approaching weather.
    Nice the photo with all those flies on the lion's head.

    Groettie from Patricia.

  4. les jeunes ne sont pas tendres non plus chez les lions ! c'est ça qu'on appelle la part du lion ???

  5. Fabulous photos and I am glad that you got to see, and take photos of Lipstick. Keep well, it is quite chilly here again, and very grey and wet. I need some sun again!!! Gentle hugs Diane

  6. Que bien has captado esos animales tan majestuosos... La imagen del paisaje es de cine...
    Un abrazo

  7. Hi Noushka,
    You describe the reality of the daily life of lions (killing cubs). Although you know that this happens, you hope to see this never happening. Tourism has its profits and disadvantages. Clusters of about 20 cars I have experienced, fortunately also moments with hardly any other car in the neighbourhood. Involving the local people in preserving nature parks is an important development. After all, they need their income to stay alive. So offering them chances in order to stop them from poaching and harvesting wood helps to rescue their environment and wildlife.
    And before I forget, great pictures of the lions!
    Greetings, Kees

  8. Hello oiselle,
    La dernière photo est superbe, la série aussi mais la dernière, vraiment j'adore.
    Bises bien trempées mais sous le soleil à présent. Il était temps.

  9. Hi Noushka,
    living freely in nature isn't an easy way of living.
    Expecially lionesses don't have a lot of free choices.
    But lions are so impressive to see and you managed a wonderful set of pictures. The last one in sunset is top.

    Best regards, Corrie

  10. je n'arriverai jamais à m'y faire que les nouveaux maitres fassent place nette pour prendre le pouvoir
    mais c'est ainsi ...
    superbes tes photos, vraiment exceptionnelles !

    1. La vie ne peut évoluer que sous ces règles.
      Les plus forts ou les plus malins passent leurs gènes aux générations futures; sans cela, la vie s'éteint...
      Merci Framboise :)

  11. Hi Noushka,
    Wonderful to get your images of such an impressive animal {Lipstick} just prior to his death.
    Life in the wild for these magnificent creatures is never easy.
    Super set of images in total, like the approaching storm, they can get so wild.
    Have a good week, John

  12. Maravillosas.. Me encanta especialmente la primera y la última imagen.. Enhorabuena guapa

  13. Dearest Noushka,
    Yes, you did write history with your great images of Lipstik! How sad such ending is and also the killing of the cubs is so harsh... Mother Nature rules with a very firm hand and all for letting the strongest survive; the best genes.
    Thanks for your great stories that give insight into their lives. LOVE the eyeing photo.

  14. I wonder why a male lion had the name, Lipstik? Nature is harsh. I had to explain many difficult things to my second and third grade students over the years; but at least the harshness of nature was easier to explain than the cruelty of humans. Thank you for sharing these thrilling photos.


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