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10 févr. 2019

Les Martins du Kenya

Martin-pêcheur géant - Giant kingfisher
Megaceryle maxima

Martin-chasseur à tête grise - Grey-headed kingfisher
Halcyon leucocephala


Martin-pêcheur huppé - Malachite kingfisher
Corythornis cristatus

Martin-chasseur du Sénégal - Woodland kingfisher
Halcyon senegalensis

Martin-chasseur strié -
Striped kingfisher
Halcyon chelicuti

At last a decent connection to Internet as I just arrived in Entebbe...
Many thanks my friends for being concerned about me not posting much. I didn't have enough time to post before I left - although I had prepared these few posts - and to tell you I was leaving on another trip, this time to Uganda and Rwanda... I will keep the surpriseS (yes 2 big ones and with luck 1 more) for when I return home.


Enfin une connexion correcte à Internet alors que je viens d'arriver à Enetebbe...
Merci à ceux et celles qui se sont inquiétés voyant peu de publications, à part ces toutes dernières préparées à l'avance. J'ai eu peu de temps avant mon voyage pour publier et dire que je repartais pour l'Afrique, cette fois en Ouganda et Rwanda mais je garde les surpriseS, oui 2 très grosses et j'espère bien 3, pour mon retour à la maison.

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  1. photos lumineuses...superbes oiseaux.. des fusées..bises

  2. Love these photos, I seldom see kingfishers here as we are not that close to water. I guessed where you where by your FB entries, I am so so jealous. The only time I was in the congo was in 1953 and I did not see what you have seen!! Take care and be safe. Hugs Diane

    1. Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.

    2. All my comments get changed to a different word order !!!!!!! Diane

    3. Right now I have discovered what is happening, Google is trying to translate my English thinking it is French!!! I have corrected it all now I hope!!!! Diane

  3. Little said, these birds are beautiful, they are delightful. :)

  4. Hi Noushka,
    Hope you have great success on your trip and look forward to seeing the results.
    Kingfishers are such beautiful birds, we have seen the Giant and Malachite Kingfishers in West Africa, super set of images.
    Have a good trip.
    All the best, John

  5. Hi Noushka.

    Fantastic these different types of Kingfisher.
    Beautiful birds, beautiful pictures you have made.

    I watched all the photos with great pleasure.

    Groettie from Patricia.

  6. j'ai eu peur pour toi avec le singe qui t'agressais !
    ils sont tous plus beaux les uns que les autres tes oiseaux
    (je te suis mais je n'ai pas l'occasion de commenter en ce moment)
    j'attends les surprises avec impatience

  7. Dearest Noushka,
    Good to read you are safe and have arrived at your destination!
    The Kingfisher is such a gem, the Grey-headed Kingfisher is a beauty when the wings are out. The Malachite Kingfisher is for me the most stunning here in these series!
    Stay safe and enjoy what you are doing with all your heart!

  8. ils sont tous si beaux !!
    merci de les avoir tous mis ensemble
    bisous bisous

  9. Dear Noushka,
    so beautiful, all these different kingfishers that are flying in Africa. I enjoyed this post very much.
    You're travelling through Africa again - I wish you a very good trip and am looking forward to read (and see) of your adventures.

    best regards, Corrie

  10. I'm glad to hear that all is well with you, Noushka. What an amazing trip you are having! I so get not having access to the internet. I did have some slow access while I was in Las Vegas, but I was way too busy to go online. You have taken some spectacular photos of kingfishers. I don't think I've ever seen a live one. Ours are blue in Colorado ~ belted kingfishers. Safe travels, my friend!

  11. Des photos qui font rêver! Magnifiques oiseaux, en vol, celui à tête grise , une vraie merveille.
    Une belle diversité ces martins pêcheurs, dans leur taille et leurs couleurs, mais tous aux moeurs fascinantes!
    Bon dimanche!

  12. Hi Carine. If I was asked what my favourite families of bird were, Kingfishers would be right up there, together with Owls and Woodpeckers. Now you have shown us these fabulous images, I think that Kingfishers might have risen to the top of the list! I just wish I could see more species than our Common Kingfisher.

    Sorry for the late comment on this post - Lindsay and I have been away for a week on a visit to Scotland.

    Take good care. With my very best wishes - - - - Richard


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