11 janv. 2017

Canard souchet

Anas clypeata
Anseriformes - Anatidae 

Aucune animation chez ces canards, des attentes frustrées d'actions qui ne sont jamais survenues... la plupart se reposaient.

I waited in vain for some action with these gorgeous shovelers but to no avail!
Most of them were resting.

Au loin dans la lumière du soir, la "souchette" qui se prenait pour un pélican!!

In the distance, a female plays "pelican"!

A un autre bout de la réserve, quelques individus volent au loin:

Un couple de colverts:

Mallard pair:

16 commentaires :

Patsfotos. a dit…

Hi Noushka.

Beautiful pictures you have taken of the shovelers.
The Pelican is also super.

Groettie from Patricia.

Titus John White a dit…

Hi Noushka, you have managed to get both of my favourite ducks with the Shoveler and Pintail. They are such a delightful bird with the colouration. All the best Regards John

Noushka a dit…

Than you Patricia,
but the "pelican" is a Shoveler duck posing as a pelican!! ;-)

Giga a dit…

All the ducks and the water and the air are great pictures. Interesting head- quarters have duck pretending pelican. Regards.

Chamoiselle a dit…

Ouais mais c est tout de même de beaux canards ;-) belles images !

Pete Woodruff a dit…

Each bird has it's own beauty, including your Shoveler with it's huge bill from which it gets it's most appropriate name.

Wonderful illustrations as always Noushka.

eileeninmd a dit…

Hello Noushka, awesome shots of the ducks. The male shoveler is a beauty! Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

Ildefonso Robledo a dit…

Unas fotografías espectaculares... Bellisimo el modo en que vuelan...

Un abrazo

Framboise 44 a dit…

Magnifiques gros plans de ce canard pas ordinaire !
le soleil le rend encore plus radieux
( pas reçu ta newsletter ?)
bonne fin de journée

Nick Morgan a dit…

Beautiful pictures. It doesn't matter that the shovelers aren't doing anything interesting. Your pictures are lovely and sharp and I love the contrast of the blue sky behind the flying mallards.

Rhodesia a dit…

Fabulous photos. I love Shovelers, their beaks always fascinate me and they are pretty birds as well. Hope that you are feeling better. Take care, hugs Diane

Richard Pegler a dit…

Hi Noushka, I hope that you are feeling better now.

I love the way that you have captured the amazing irridescence of the drake Shovelers. The tantalising glimps of the Pintail in that first image is a real tease too!

Take very good care, and keep warm - - - Richard

Corrie a dit…

Hello Noushka,
No action, but evenso beautiful pictures of these colorful shovelers.
I also love your last picture of the flying ducks.
Best regards, Corrie

lejardindelucie a dit…

Ils sont magnifiques ces canards! Quelles belles photos! Superbes!

KeesvanD a dit…

Hi Noushka,
I never managed to take pictures of the shovelers like you show us here. Absolutely beautiful. The birds are worth it to be photographed. The "pelican look alike" sure is a hit :)
Greetings, Kees

David Gascoigne a dit…

The detail is astounding, Noushka. Maybe you can come over here and take pictures of me and make me look that good!!

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