15 juin 2015

Bergeronnette printanière

Motacilla flava
 Passeriformes - Motacillidae

Ces 2 beaux mâles sont peu farouches bien que pris au Nikon 500 mm.

Western Yellow Wagtail
These 2 males were not very shy although I took the pics with the 500 mm.

Cet autre mâle doit nourrir une petite famille car il rapporte plusieurs insectes en même temps:

With all these insects in the beak, this other male must be feeding a family:

10 commentaires :

eileeninmd a dit…

Hello Noushka, your Yellow Wagtail is a beauty. I love the bright yellow color, gorgeous photos. Enjoy your day and new week ahead!

Giga a dit…

They're beautiful. The second is quite a hearty meal for their children. Great photos. Regards.

Rick Forrestal a dit…

Busy boys.
Families to feed.
Great pics.

Tammie Lee a dit…

such a beautiful bird and fabulous photos
thank you for enjoying the calypso orchid and your messages

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder a dit…

Dearest Noushka,
Those males look stunningly beautiful and they sure look like feeding a big family!
Sending you hugs,

Fram Actual a dit…

I do not comment often, but I always come and I always marvel at your photographs .... spectacular work ....

Roos a dit…

That yellow colour is so spectaculair of these birds and great they are taking care of chicks. Your captures are wonderful Noushka.

Nancy Chan a dit…

I didn't know the yellow bird with the worm is a male. This Western Yellow Wagtail is very pretty!

JR a dit…

Beautiful shots of the Motacilla flava, Noushka!
The yellow color over a blue sky is simply magnificent.
All the best,

David Gascoigne a dit…

Wonderful images, Nosuhka. it's a fact that I have generally found wagtails pretty confiding and they don't seem to flee from humans. I wish we had wagtails here!

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