28 déc. 2015

Chevalier aboyeur

Tringa nebularia
Charadriiformes - Scolopacidae

Le Chevalier aboyeur niche dans les régions froides d'Europe, essentiellement en Écosse, en Scandinavie et en Sibérie. L'hiver, certaines populations migrent jusqu'aux côtes de la Bretagne. Bec clair à la base, corps clair, tête et ailes sombres, pattes jaunes.
Photos faites à la réserve ornitho du Teich.

Common greenshank
This subarctic wader breeds from northern Scotland eastwards across northern Europe and Asia. It is a migratory species, wintering in Africa, the Indian subcontinent, and Australasia, usually on fresh water.

Nikon 500 mm + convert. 1/4
Août 2015

Croisant un Chevalier arlequin:

Article préprogrammé.
Je vous souhaite de tout cœur les meilleures fêtes possible et d'être entourés chaleureusement. Et pour 2016, que vos vœux se réalisent et de belles opportunités photographiques :)

Pre-published post.
I sincerely wish you all a wonderful Xmas with your family and for 2016, may all your wishes come true and great photo opportunities come your way :)

19 commentaires :

matti juhani niilola a dit…

Vau, very beautiful picture.

Pescalune a dit…

Quelle beauté ! Merci pour cette belle série :)

Lou a dit…

Merveilleux, bonne fin d'année.

Louisette a dit…

Quelle superbe capture, bonne continuation en 2016.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder a dit…

Dearest Noushka,
Lovely reflection in the water of this Greenshank!
Great photos.
Wishing you and your loved ones a very warm ending of 2015; an emotional year in many ways, also for me...
May 2016 indeed bring more calm and good, happy days!

Pascale MD a dit…

Me revoilou, et bravo pour cette série, j'adore les premières avec les reflets et cette superbe couleur de l'eau.
Les autres ne sont pas à dédaigner non plus ;-)
Big bisous et... bonne journée Noushka

pulsatilla a dit…

Un nom qui ne laisse pas deviner une telle finesse ni une telle élégance !
Bises .

Elio a dit…

Bellissime foto, invidio il tuo colpo d'occhio ed i soggetti che riesci a fotografare. Un grande augurio per un felice 2016 a te e famiglia.

Elio a dit…

Ritorno perché, per la prima volta ho avuto il tempo di andare "De qua e de la" nel tuo blog. Sono capitato sui tuoi disegni e sonorimasto a bocca aperta. Sono fantastici. Ancora tanti auguri.

John eos shooter a dit…

Great sharpness! Gr. John

Joke (Joke's Camera) a dit…

Fantastic pics, Noushka. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all the best for 2016. Greetings, Joke

Nathalie Santa Maria a dit…

Coucou oiselle
Il est superbe ton aboyeur et avec ce superbe bleu de l'eau j'adore.
Encore un que j'ai eu parfaitement à Mayotte et peu ici.
Mais les choses vont changer ahahaha lol
Je reprends ton mail.
Gros bisous ma oiselle

Nick Morgan a dit…

Wow, what stunning pictures.

Patsfotos. a dit…

Hi Noushka.

Wonderful Noushka.
Very nice also the reflection.

Groettie frome Patricia.

Marco Luijken a dit…

Hello Noushka,
Wonderful pictures you've made again.
The second shot is really amazing with a quiet view over the water and the fantastic reflection of the bird. Very well done!!

I wish you all the luck and health for 2016 with much photgraphy fun!!

Sweet greetings,

Wally Jones a dit…

(Sorry for my technical difficulties.)

We have just returned this morning from photographing shorebirds, including dozens of Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs in a wet field. They are quite similar to the Common Greenshank. Now, if I can just get one of the images to be nearly as superb as your, I will be very happy!

Gini and I will celebrate New Year's Eve very quietly and we truly wish you a very Peaceful New Year.

Helma a dit…

Wonderful to see this greenshank. In the Netherlands, they are also found but I have not had this beautiful wader front of my lens.
Stunning and super nice pictures.

Dear Noushka,
For the old year you will have a bitter aftertaste but I still wish you a very nice and loving 2016. Your lover Patrick will stand beside you. I wish you strength and vigor.
Love, Helma

morikan a dit…

Discret par le plumage, mais quelle élégance ! Et tu t'es fait plaisir avec les reflets, bravo ! Biiiiiz M.

Tammie Lee a dit…

grace and beauty

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