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24 mars 2016

Lynx commun ou Loup-cervier

Lynx lynx
Mammalia - Carnivora - Felinidae 

Principalement originaire des régions boréales d'Europe et d'Asie, on le trouve également dans l'ouest de la Chine. Les plus grands et plus lourds spécimens vivent en Sibérie, les mâles y atteignant 38 à 45 kilos. Sa queue courte est une originalité dans la famille des félins sauvages; ses pattes sont épaisses et lui permettent de parcourir de longues distances dans la neige à la poursuite de ses proies qui consistent en tout ce qui bouge, des oiseaux à d'assez grands mammifères. Ils vivent dans les milieux forestiers et leurs principaux prédateurs sont les loups et les gloutons.
La couleur et les taches de sa fourrure sont très variables, ces dernières pouvant être inexistantes chez certaines populations.

Eurasian lynx   
Mainly native of the boreal regions of Europe and Asia it is also found in Western China. The largest and heaviest specimens live in Siberia, males reaching 38 to 45 kilos. The short tail is an originality in the wild cat family; its legs and paws are thick and allow it to travel long distances in the snow in pursuit of its preys which consist of birds and rather large mammals. They live in forest areas and their main predators are wolves and wolverines. The color and the spots of its fur are very variable, the latter can be non-existent in certain population. 


On peut remarquer des traces verticales sur le tronc où il fait ses griffes, révélant leur puissance:

On the tree trunk, one can notice the powerful vertical claw markings:

29 commentaires :

  1. Oh wow.
    Magnificent work.
    You must be very excited for these captures.

  2. Hello Noushka!:) A beautiful creature, and you have once again done it proud with these splendid images. I like their colour, markings, and ears,.. and he made me yawn!!:)) Love those shots!

  3. Excelente, muy bien captado ese bello animal que es el lince.
    Un abrazo,

  4. Beautiful animal, moving along tree branches, excellent series.

  5. Beautiful animal, moving along tree branches, excellent series.

  6. A wonderful set of photos of the Lynx lynx, Noushka.
    It's a precious mammal, indeed.
    In Portugal and Spain, conservationists are working hard in the maintenance and increase of the population of the Lynx pardinus.
    Best wishes,

  7. Pas pire le félin ! Les oreilles sont magnifiques.

  8. Beautiful big cat. I like his "brushes" on the ears. Great pictures, and the second from the end of the most fun for me. Regards.

  9. Gorgeous photos, Noushka!

  10. excellent, outstanding pictures

  11. Hi Noushka.

    Wonderful pictures of the Lynx.
    What an experience to see it that way.
    How wonderful he is angry.
    And his mouth wide open.

    Groettie from Patricia.

  12. Hi Noushka,
    Fantastics pics of the lynx. I wonder how you succeeded in finding this animal. Have you made a guided tour to a hide?
    Greetings, Kees

  13. Beautiful animal. The leopard is my all time favourite wild animal so this will be close up on my list :-) Have a good Easter and keep well. Big hugs Diane

  14. Hello, it is a beautiful cat. Great collection of photos. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend! Happy Easter to you and your family.

  15. Un ejemplar magnífico, y unas fotos muy buenas

  16. Il est magnifique. Est-ce un spécimen sauvage photographié dans la nature ?

  17. Hi Noushka. WOW. what a wonderful animal, where did you find it, such splendid marking and the ears with the brushes. Have a super Easter. Sorry you are having problems commenting on my Blog, getting a friend to have a look and hopefully sort
    Again super Blog Regards John

  18. Hola amiga Noushka,una serie espectacular dedicada al Lince,una especie que aqui en España concretamente en el Valle de Aran quieren reintroducir despues de muchos años extimguida,tambien me gusto mucho la de las Agachadizas a la cual creo que has tenido un lapsus con el nombre cientifico,es Gallinago gallinago el que has puesto corresponde a la Chocha perdiz.Un fuerte abrazo amiga y feliz domingo,

  19. Dearest Noushka,
    Those photos are splendid and it must have been awful for getting close to such a majestic wild cat!
    Love all cat like creatures, they are so elegant.
    Sending you hugs and blessings for the Easter Weekend.

  20. Dear Noushka,
    you made fantastic pictures of this fascinating cat. So beautiful.
    Best regards, Corrie

  21. Un beau spécimen, mais je ne m'y fierais pas malgré sa tête d'ange et son air tout mimi ..
    je te souhaite un excellent dimanche de Pâques

  22. Trop trop beau ce Lynx, et il t'a offert un festival de magnifiques attitudes.
    Bisous et re bonne soirée Noushka.
    Léchouilles des Waps

  23. Hi Noushka. Just catching up after a vacation on the Scilly Isles.

    The Lynx is a splendid animal, and it looks quite ferocious in your beautiful images. Were you in any danger taking these?

    My best wishes for the remainder of the Easter weekend - - - Richard

  24. Precioso pero diferente al nuestro.. Quizá los ibéricos tienen mas bigotera.. Enhorabuena por las fotos.. Salud..

  25. How do you do it, Noushka? I've never even seen a wild lynx? These photos are spectacular! Aren't you "a rather large" mammal?
    Wild boar, lynxes, rutting deer ~ I hope your camera's lens is very long!

    1. I've caught up again! I'm actually a little disappointed because I surely love your photos. Happy Easter! Big hugs!

  26. Awesome pictures of avery nice animal. We have some in Spain, but population is very low and it is in danger of disappearance.

  27. Hello Noushka, wow this is so impressive. What a most wonderful cat this is. Those photos you took are amazing!
    Warm regards,


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