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23 avr. 2016

Un Rouge-gorge au bain

Erithacus rubecula
Muscicapidae - Passeriformes

Ces derniers temps ils m'ont régalée... enfin!
Comme ils sont plusieurs à défendre leur territoire dans le coin - surtout autour de la mangeoire, pardi! - ils font bien moins attention aux clics de mon boitier en ce moment!

European robin
These days, I finally managed a few unusual and lively pictures... All the easier since they are busy defending their territory, especially around the feeder, you bet! They are much less finicky about my clicks these days!

Nikon D7200 + 80/400 mm

Au moment de l'envol, celui-ci se prend pour.... une sittelle!!

As he flies off this one is acting like a nuthatch:


 Pour finir, en voilà un qui se baigne, une première pour moi!

And finally, first time I see one bathing!


25 commentaires :

  1. Hola querida amiga Noushka,magnificas entradas las de esta semana,con los baños del Petirrojo y la Curruca,toda una suerte de que te funcione todavia el comedero,por cierto te mande un correo electronico el dia 17 de abril no se si te ha llegado,no recibi respuesta o mi correo no funciona espero que me des una contestacio y te lo mando de nuevo.Un fuerte abrazo amiga y feliz domingo.

  2. Beautiful series, Noushka.
    Super that you catched it bathing!
    Best regards, Corrie

  3. Hi, just got back from our few days away. Too many photos and so much to do!!
    Love the shots of the robin; we never see ours in summer!!! He is here all winter and then just disappears, guess he likes our food but it is not necessary once the weather warms up.
    Hope all is going well for you, take care. Big hugs Diane

  4. Coucou oiselle
    Tu parles d'un régal toi ! Superbe série, et les dernières magnifiques. Un Rougegorge au bain, c'est pas tous les jours. La photo avant la série bain est aussi splendide.
    Grosses bises oiselle.
    Bientôt à la maison, quelques passereaux dans les dunes de chez nous et zouuuu.

  5. hi Noushka, wonderful images of such a beautiful little bird, I made friends with a robin through the winter at Cossington whilst watching the Shorties, he finished up feeding from my hand, lovely lovely bird. Have a good weekend. Regards John

  6. Coucou Magicienne,
    Une superbe série de ce titi à gorge rouge.
    Elles sont toutes très belles mais celles ou il est au bain, vraiment trop craquantes.
    Bis bisous de nous.

  7. hi Noushka, wonderful images of such a beautiful little bird, I made friends with a robin through the winter at Cossington whilst watching the Shorties, he finished up feeding from my hand, lovely lovely bird. Have a good weekend. Regards John

  8. Extraordinary cute!
    Will he see me too while looking back?

  9. Great pictures - technically perfect.
    Am thrilled.

    Greetings - Monika

  10. Your pictures capture the most attractive of the Robin's attributes delightfully, Noushka. It's always a pleasure to see these birds in the garden, but I do get concerned at this time of year when they decide to have a fight to the death. I possibly should not have interfered, but I broke up a serious fight between a pair of male Robins a few days ago as I'm sure it would have resulted in the death of one! They were grappling on the ground in close combat.

    My very best wishes for your quest for a new home - - - Richard

  11. Hello Noushka, gorgeous shots of the pretty Robin! I love the cute bath time shots. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  12. Hello Noushka, So adorable this bird. And so nice you have captured one bathing.
    Take care,

  13. It is such a joy to see this small robin (small compared to ours). Wonderful that you can capture it bathing. Something special about seeing birds in water flitting around. I remember last year when for a moment a great gray owl jumped into my pond from the shore, it was so fast.

  14. Je suis émerveillée par ce rouge-gorge frétillant dans son bain,quelle chance unique de l'admirer grâce à toi.
    Belle semaine.

  15. Magnifiques portraits de ce bel oiseau
    Bonne soirée

  16. Parecen vivos y despiertos, con esos ojos tan grandes. Y el cuello de color naranja los hace muy bonitos también.

  17. vraiment superbe , tu leurs a fait une belle baignoire !!!

  18. Siempre alegra fotografiar a un petirrojo.. Muy bonitas imágenes.. Un abrazo..

  19. Hi Noushka,
    Beautiful shots of a bird that is regular visitor in our garden, especially during the winter.
    Greetings, Kees

  20. So beautiful photographs!

  21. Superbes photos ! lui au moins il s'éclate !
    c'est mon chouchou .
    Revenue de mon escapade à Lyon
    Bises du mardi

  22. Quelle merveille. Magnifique le rouge queue noir et la rouge gorge. Un grand Plaîsir de les regarder.

  23. What a fun set of photos, Noushka! One thing I love about your photography is how much action you capture in your photos, like that wonderful, lively last photo. Your robins are so different from ours! So much life in a tiny body. Thank you for sharing!

  24. Thank you for the wonderful pictures of my favorite Robin. Regards.

  25. Noushka....My comment went in error on the wrong page, but is now removed above to the correct one with the Black Redstart.



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