13 avr. 2016

Fauvette à tête noire

Sylvia atricapilla
Passeriformes - Sylviidae

Un grand nombre de ces passereaux assez ternes vivent dans le jardin; ils visitent tous les buissons, des Forsythias aux figuiers en passant par les Mahonias.

Monsieur, dans un chêne rouge américain:

Eurasian blackcap,
 Many of these birds live in my garden and they inspect all the bushes from Forsythias and fig trees to the Mahonias.

Hereunder, a male in an American Red-oak:

Madame, dans un Forsythia le lendemain:

The mrs in a Forsythia bush:

Les femelles chantent aussi mais bien plus doucement que les mâles et avec des notes bien moins complexes:

Females do sing too but much more lightly than males and the song is not as complex:


24 commentaires :

Patsfotos. a dit…

Hi Noushka.

Beautiful pictures of these birds.

Greetings from Patricia.

Jarek a dit…

Really beautiful photos!

Richard Pegler a dit…

More delightful captures, Noushka! I'm envious that these visit you. They are quite rare visitors to our garden. My very best wishes - - - - Richard

Rhodesia a dit…

I saw one out walking the other day, but I only carry the small camera with me when walking any distance, the long lens feels too clumsy by the time I have done 10kms! Fabulous photos and love the shots against the forsythia which is looking tremendous at the moment. I hope that you are managing, wish I could come in and help. Take care and big hugs Diane

John eos shooter a dit…

BEautiful backgroud colouring with fhe female bird! Gr. john

eileeninmd a dit…

Hello Noushka, lovely captures of the Blackcap. The female is beautiful. Great post. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

lejardindelucie a dit…

J'aime beaucoup ces petites fauvettes qui égaient le jardin toute l'année. Le mâle est un bon chanteur, au printemps c'est vraiment agréable à entendre!
Et puis ils sont amusants à regarder gober divers fruits parfois trop gros pour leur gosier!
Prends ton temps , Nouschka, rien ne presse!
Belle fin de semaine à toi!

Tammie Lee a dit…

such charming roommates you have.
i can almost hear their song.
gorgeous portraits of them too.
sweet spring to you ~

Titus John White a dit…

Hi Noushka, Super images of the Black Cap, never seem to be able to get that close to them myself. The female is gorgeous against the yellow background. Regards John

Pete Woodruff a dit…

EXQUISITE....birds and photography.

My Kind Regards Noushka.

Tawaki a dit…

Unas aves preciosas. Parecen que estén posando para ti, y debe ser una maravilla poder disfrutarlas en directo, observando sus movimientos y escuchando sus trinos.

Framboise 44 a dit…

Magnifiques portraits de Monsieur et Madame ... ils sont vifs et querelleurs, dans le jardin ils ont souvent le dessus
les écouter chanter est un vrai bonheur
bises du jeudi

Pascale MD a dit…

Coucou Magicienne,
De très jolies photos, toujours avec une magnifique proximité et une qualité photographique irréprochable !
J'aime ces petites Fauvettes qui fréquentent mon jardin en ville.
Je t'envoie tout plein de pensées du coeur et les Waps de grosses léchouilles.

Chamoiselle a dit…

Magnifique ! Comme j envie la lumière de chez toi !

Corrie a dit…

Beautiful pictures, Noushka.
The mrs. looks very pretty surrounded by the yellow flowers.
Your last picture is top.
Best regards, Corrie

Roy Norris a dit…

Wonderful images Noushka.
Our arrivals are still hanging around high in the trees, so difficult to get good shots as yet.

Lukasz W a dit…

Grest sgots!Love song of this birds!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder a dit…

Dearest Noushka,
Usually it's the male bird that is stealing the show but here the colors of the forsythia blooms did complement her so very well; she looked stunning!
Sending you hugs and blessings and I'm now over half way through the scanning of all our photo albums. Not quitting until I'm done; it is raining and cool... so this is not bad.

Fabrice a dit…

Hello maitre Noushka,
C'est la première année qu'en j'en identifie, en fait c'est plutôt rare dans nos jardins ici, elles sont plutôt dans les haies, mais elles ont un superbe chant.

Roos a dit…

Love these birds Noushka, to hear the male sing its song is Always such a joy. Your photos are stunning as Always.

Antonio Puig Garcias a dit…

Hola amiga Noushka,magnifica serie de la Curruca capirotada y del Agateador,preciosas fotos de esta especie dificil de fotografiar y tu lo sabes,me gustaron mucho tambien la de las Ardillas-Por aqui todo igual,vamos a ver como se presentara esta primavera a nivel de fotos.Un fuerte abrazo amiga y feliz domingo.

David Gascoigne a dit…

The forsythia in our garden is coming into bloom, Noushka, but I am sure we won't be seeing any Blackcaps in it!

eileeninmd a dit…

Hello, Noushka, I love these cute Blackcap birds. Congrats on selling your place, I know you will be very busy with the move. I wish you all the best and hope all goes smoothly. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

Fundy Blue a dit…

The blackcaps are beautiful, especially the female against the vibrant yellow forsythia. Love the textures in the last photo! I see from the comment above, that you have sold your place, Noushka. Congrats! I'm sure this is all really hard. Thank you for your generosity in taking time to share these lovely photos with us during such a busy time! Hugs to you!

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