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27 déc. 2018

Bagarre de Léopards au Botswana

Panthera pardus

J'ai fait ce voyage de rêve dans le delta de l'Okagango à Moremi et Kwaï, seule dans la voiture avec mon ami photographe lui aussi et guide officiel. Ceci nous a permis d'éviter les autres véhicules et de profiter de situations formidables seuls. Sa sœur nous faisait la cuisine et son cousin aidait à l'intendance, notamment pour déménager notre camp tous les 3/4 jours.

Leopard fight in Botswana
During this dream trip in the Okavango delta I was alone in the car with my friend Mo, photographer and official guide. It allowed us to avoid other vehicles and enjoy fabulous situations alone. His sister was catering for us and his cousin was helping her and moving the camp every 3/4 days.

So, to get back to the leopards, my friend says, as he was still driving along a narrow dirt road: "there is leopard here!" and sure enough we spot it under a tree looking upwards into it. There was an Impala hanging from a branch.
The cat seemed hesitant to climb and for a reason: the prey was not his... Soon the mother returns and before we could see her approaching, the young cat got scent of her and started growling, well aware of her precarious situation since she was 'officially' weaned.

Pour en revenir aux léopards, mon ami qui conduisait sur un chemin de terre étroit, ralentit soudain et me dit: "il y a un léo ici!" et effectivement on le trouve couché sous un grand arbre, regardant vers les branches où pendait un impala!
Le félin semblait ne pas oser grimper, et pour cause: la proie n'était pas sienne...
Assez rapidement la mère revient et le jeune l'ayant sentie bien avant nous, se met à gronder et à feuler dans une position de soumission mais pas prêt à décamper!

Elle voit à présent sa mère approcher:
She has her mother now in sight:

Elle en effet fâchée de la découvrir à une telle proximité de sa proie:
And indeed mom seems quite angry to discover her below her prey:


La gamine partie, la mère revient en gardant un œil sur sa proie perchée dans l'arbre:
The mother gets back to the tree and keeps a close eye on her prey hanging in the tree:

L'Impala, sérieusement entamé:
The Impala partly eaten:

She rolls over to claim she is the mistress here:
Elle se roule au sol pour affirmer qu'elle est la maitresse des lieux:

She comes closer to the car but couldn't care less about our presence as we didn't move:

Elle s'approche finalement de notre voiture mais se fiche éperdument de notre présence, car ne bougeons plus:

Encore un p'tit coup d'oeil là-haut mais pas vraiment l'envie de manger:
One more look up but not really hungry:


19 commentaires :

  1. I'm having difficulty keeping up with you, Carine - two posts in one day !!! ;-}

    A truly fabulous set of images. I can fully understand your frequent visits to Africa when you come back with material like this. WOW, WOW, WOW.

    Take good care and keep well - - - Richard

  2. Hi Noushka,
    What a beautiful creature, Leopards are such a wonderfully marked cat.
    Mom certainly put the young man in his place.
    Super set of images, keep them coming.
    All the best, John

  3. Waouh! Superbes photos de ces grands félins magnifiques.
    Bises et bonne journée

  4. Magnifiques léopards surpris dans leur vie quotidienne!
    Les gros plans de la tête me fascinent tout simplement.
    Bonne fin d'année et que 2019 soit riche de nouvelles superbes photos.

  5. Richard said it all WOW, WOW, WOW. What fabulous photos of my all time favourite animal. I want to go back to Africa. Take care, warm hugs Diane

  6. Hello Noushka,
    This is so fantastic. Amazing pictures.
    This is a dream for every wildlife photographer to make these kind of shots.
    You've done this so well. I love it.

    Greetings, Marco

  7. Dear Noushka,
    marvellous to spot such an encounter.
    And marvellous your pictures.

    Best regards, Corrie

  8. Henri DEDUN28/12/18 15:47

    Que tes photos sont belles. Bravo pour ce reportage.

  9. Hi Noushka,
    You have succeeded in finding the perfect guide to bring you to the places where you can be witness of really special happenings in nature. To see a leopard is already rare and special, but to see an encouter and fight like this is something you can only dream of. Anyway, you had the opportunity to present here unusual and awesome pictures.
    Greetings, Kees

  10. Magnificent photographs!

    To have such a rare encounter is wonderful. To capture the essence of the experience in such stunning and beautiful detail requires an artist. Thank you for sharing your memory.

    Gini and I wish you a very Happy New Year and we look forward to enjoying many more of your adventures!

  11. Querida Noushka, te deseo lo mejor para el próximo año. Muchas gracias por compartir tus fantásticos viajes y fotografías. Un fuerte abrazo desde Asturias.

  12. ça rigole pas chez les guépards ! magnifiques images !!!!

    1. Des léopards, pas des guépards ;-)
      Merci Cham :)

  13. Dearest Noushka,
    Oh my, what a perfect role function for catering and moving camp.
    You were so lucky to be together with a very observing friend out in the wild!
    What a mean leopard mom she showed to be. But maybe it is a worthwhile life's lesson for later!
    Thanks for these grande images.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year's Eve and a Happy and Healthy 2019!

  14. Bonjour Noushka!
    Bonne Année 2019! Tous nos voeux pour cette année qui commence , avec beaucoup de rencontre comme celles que tu viens de nous raconter ici!
    Merveilleuses images!

  15. Punaise !!! ça devait hurler fort fort !
    une scène de vie incroyable , digne d'un film animalier ... dommage de ne pas avoir de film, ça devait être impressionnant à entendre
    Tous mes meilleurs voeux ma Belle
    ( je ne reçois plus rien de Nat est ce normale ? )

  16. Hello dear Noushka, it has been a long time me writing ana comment on your blog but with the new year I start again placing blogs. I see you are having fantastic times in Africa and wow what amazing encounters. I wish you all the best for the new year 2019 and many more stunning moments.
    Warm regards Roos

  17. I have watched these great pictures several times. You have had a wonderful preparation and you have seen beautiful animals and their habits in person. Greetings.

  18. What amazing photos, Noushka! I know a couple of mothers who would like to channel that leopard to deal with lie about, lazy, mostly grown sons. I have wanted to go to the Okavango delta. thank you for sharing your adventures!


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