Merci à tous et à toutes de vos gentilles visites, je serai absente de la blogosphère un bon moment avant de vous retrouver avec des images africaines. Toutes mes amitiés et à bientôt.

Many thanks to you all for your kind visits, I will be away for a while before returning with African pictures. All the best and takes care.

Queridos amigos y amigas, mil gracias por sus lindas visitas, me voy por Africa y espero volver con buenas fotos para vosotros. Saludos y abrazos.

15 juil. 2016

Une Oie cendrée danse sur l'eau!

Anser anser
Anseriformes - Anatidae

A young Greylag goosedancing on water...

Nikon D7200 + tele 500 mm f/4

La jeunesse du début juin:

The young at the beggining of June:

Qui peut en faire autant?!!

Would you try that?!!

I'll be away for a few days, so I'll visit your blogs when I return.
Keep well, warm hugs to you all :)

Je m'absente quelques jours, je passerai chez vous à mon retour.
Bien amicalement et à bientôt :)

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  1. Beautiful photos. I seem to have lost the plot being away for a month!!! The garden is overgrown and the house needs decorating while the radiators are off being sand blasted and re-painted. Then visitors arriving in August. My blogs will have to all hold fire until the middle of August at least. Please drop me a line and let me know how things are going for you. I think of you so often we have to plan a meeting at some stage. Keep well and enjoy your few days away. Big hugs Diane

  2. Hi Noushka, at last a bird we see on a regular basis at Rutland, superb images and the young are coming on very well by the last image, and wonderful to have raised five. Regards John. Have great break.

  3. Hi Noushka, at last a bird we see on a regular basis at Rutland, superb images and the young are coming on very well by the last image, and wonderful to have raised five. Regards John. Have great break.

  4. Beautiful geese.
    What a proud bird.
    I love those shots of the young ones.

  5. Hi Noushka.

    Beautiful photos of the Geese.

    Groettie from Patricia

  6. Hello Noushka,
    Great pictures.
    Fantastic to see how you've captured them in their flight. Really amazing!!

    Kind regards,

  7. Hi, Noushka! I hope you are doing something fun while you are away; and probably, by the time you are back, I'll be away ~ again. Nova Scotia this time. Loved your photos of the greylag geese. I find myself really checking out the wing parts and appreciating the marvel of their structure and function so much more since your recent post emphasizing that. Funny, funny photo of that young goose on its tippy-toes! I've been balancing on one leg for a minute+ on the flat side of a bosu ball which I bet that goose can't do. We all have our special talents! Take care my dear friend! Sending you a big hug and a bold of energy!

  8. Delightful captures of the Geese, Noushka, which draw to our attention that a common, and not very colourful, bird is just as magnificent as some of its more ostentatious avian companions.

    Hoping that you have a wonderful time while you're away. Best wishes - - - Richard

  9. Elles sont bien belles tes oies , avec une jolie lumière

  10. Hola amiga Noushka,bellas y grandes fotos has subido esta semana,la astuta Urraca,el precioso Escribano cirillo,poco común y esas bellas Ocas.Un fuerte abrazo amiga y feliz domingo.

  11. Hi Noushka,
    You show us here a number of great pics of a very common bird with us. There are so many of them with us that it is necessary to hunt for them, especially in the neighbourhood of Schiphol (Amsterdam Airport). Sometimes they are causing risks and accidents.
    Greetings, Kees

  12. Joli petit rat, oh non pardon, jolie petite oie :) et jolis pas de danses. Les photos, superbes. Lumineuses et merveilleuses.

  13. De superbes attitudes, et les jeunot, j'adore !
    Magnifique série comme toujours ma tite Magicienne


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