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29 mai 2017

Touretelle des bois et Rouge-queue à front blanc

Rouge-queue à front blanc
Espagne, Catalogne
Nikon D500 +200/500 mm

Streptopelia turtur

Tourterelle des bois

Sub-adulte European turtle dove


Phoenicurus phoenicurus
Jeune Rouge-queue à front blanc - Young Common redstart


13 commentaires :

  1. You make the dove look such an interesting bird and one I ignore most of the time!! Love the Redstart, we see a few here but mainly the Black Redstart, fabulous photos. Rain predicted today and I hope we get some, I am struggling to keep the garden watered.
    Take care and have a fabulous week hugs Diane

  2. In particular the adult Turtle Dove in full bloom is a beautiful bird, beautifully photographed here. Sadly I may never see one anywhere near home, but hope one day to travel to see.

    Always my Kind Regards Noushka


  3. Fabulous images of the Redstart Noushka.
    Oddly we rarely get these on the Spring migration in this area, but usually spot a few on their Autumn leaving migration.

  4. Your delightful images have reminded me that until about five years ago, Noushka, I used to see Turtle Dove regularly at Rutland Water in the summer. Sadly, sight and sound of this beautiful bird has now become rather rare in UK. It seems that this is primarily due to them being slaughtered for 'fun' by hunters during migration. Why do people think that such barbarism is in any way acceptable. I guess they must be sick in the head?

    On a happier note, I think your Redstart images are fabulous!

    With warm wishes - - Richard

  5. Coucou Oiselle,
    Bon je ne vais pas en Catalogne pour faire la tourterelle des bois, lol, elle est venue se poser un jour devant la terrasse. Pourquoi, alors là ..... J'ai heureusement fait des clichés car ici, zouuuuu, elles ne sont pas faciles à voir.
    Tes photos sont sublimes, je bave ! mdr.
    Grosses bises. (bientôt le départ...... trop envie d'y aller aussi.)

  6. Oh wow !!!! Beautiful pictures of this summer tortoise.
    Sharp, beautiful bright details and beautiful colors.
    The red tail is really great. You are a real professional photographer Noushka.
    A hug.

  7. Hi Noushka and a wonderful set of images, the adult Turtle Dove is a real stunner, the Redstart is also a beauty and your flight image is superb. All the best for the rest of the week. John

  8. Très belle lumière, très beaux bokehs, très beaux sujets, très beaux tout. :-)

    Bises et bonne fin de soirée.

  9. Whouaohhh la Tourterelle des bois a un graphisme des ailes magnifique.. dernière photo me laisse sans voix.
    Bonne semaine chère Noushka et je t'embrasse.

  10. Doves are similar all over the world, it seems. They're not flashy, but their subtle coloring is lovely and intricate. I thoroughly enjoyed these photos, Noushka!

    I have piles of rocks and chopsticks stacked under the eaves of my deck to keep the doves (and other birds) from nesting. I'm already co-existing with a bunch of honey bees living in one of the pillars under my deck. Don't get me wrong ~ I love birds, but when they're nesting, they get really upset if I step out on my deck. After several years of it, I had to stop the nesting. On top of the roof I don't care, and we always have swallows nesting somewhere up there. When they learn to fly, they do a lot of taking off and landing practice on my deck.

    The little redstart is so cute ~ so much life in a little ball of fluff! Have a good one!

  11. C'est bien mignon tout ça, et les photos très nettes.
    Superbes ces oiseaux sauvages, peu connus.
    Bizzz !

  12. Coucou,
    La Tourterelle des bois, je la croise par ici, mais pas ce petit passereau adorable.
    Une belle série et comme toujours des attitudes kiffantes.
    Bises et bonne journée Noushka

  13. génial
    pas facile de les avoir net en vol.
    tu es trop doué!grrr :)
    bon week end


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