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14 avr. 2018

Gazelles du Mara

Peu d'action chez les gazelles en cette fin janvier, la saison de leurs amoures n'en étant qu'à leur son tout début.
Comme les antilopes, les mâles gazelles portent des cornes qui ne tombent pas, contrairement aux cervidés dont les bois tombent et repoussent chaque année.

Aepyceros melampus

Les Impalas sont  nombreux dans la savanne kényane, et sont une des proies favorites des grands prédateurs. Leur pelage est orné de lignes noires aux cuisses et à la queue, propres à chaque individu, très utiles pour leur permettre de se reconnaître entre eux.

Impalas are very common in Kenya and are prey to the large predators. They are adorned with black stripes on the hide and on the tail, different for each individual and very useful to be recognised within the herd.

Les femelles ne portent pas de cornes; ici on les voit bien quillées, en alerte, car un félin se trouve dans les parages:

The females are on the alert, knowing a feline is in the area:

Nanger granti
Gazelle de Grant  - Grant's gazelle 

Grant & Thompson

Eudorcas thomsonii

Gazelle de Thompson 
Les femelles portent des cornes plus petites que celles des mâles

 Thompson's gazelle: females have smaller horns than males

13 commentaires :

  1. Magnifica serie de imagenes, amiga. Como siempre con tu propio sello.
    Un abrazo

  2. Coucou Noushka,
    Roooooooo là là, qu'est ce qu'elles sont belles toutes ces Gazelles, et bien évidemment tes photos superbes.
    Tu as une fois encore saisi de magnifiques attitudes.
    Bises et bonne journée, ici, on est toujours arrosés ;-(

  3. Hi Noushka.

    Beautiful animals these Gazelles.
    Both man and woman.

    Beautiful photo.

    Groettie from Patricia.

  4. Such beautiful creatures, Noushka. The markings on the Thompson's Gazelle are particularly attractive, and those horns are rather special too! Thank you for sharing these great images - I imagine that you were delighted with these sightings.

    I hope that you're having a great weekend. With my very best wishes - - - Richard

  5. I am a little confused as you say at the top, that Impalas have a black stripe. The Impala in SA do not have a black stripe only the brown chaniging to a lighter colouring. Springbok have the black stripe as do the gazelle which I have not seen for years, I remeber seeing then when we drove through the Sahara, or I think I do! Whatever a great set of photos. Warm hugs Diane

    1. Hello Diane,
      I didn't say they have "a" black stripe but: "they are adorned with black stripes on the hide and on the tail"... ;-) you can see it clearly if you have a close look at the impalas at the top of the post ;-)
      Enjoy your sunday, dear friend!

    2. Oh OK I misread it and understood it to be a side stripe rather than a bum stripe :-) Now it makes sense. Hugs Diane

  6. de bien belles que tu présentes à leur avantage

  7. J'adore les ptites Thompson, elles sont trop mimies. Belles séries de ces 4 pattes !

  8. Hi Noushka,
    What a beautiful post with your images of these delightful Gazelle.
    You most certainly had a wonderful trip.
    All the best and have a good trip. John

  9. Such beautiful creatures!
    They really are quite lovely as are your photographs.

  10. Hello Noushka,
    Lovely images; nr. 17 is very funny.
    Allthough very common, I love to see impala's. They move so elegantly.

    Best regards, Corrie

  11. Dearest Noushka,
    What stunning animals these Impalas; so elegant!
    Love the way they are all marked differently for recognizing them in the herd.
    Sorry for being absent. I've been frantically scanning our old letters/cards that I've bagged up for all those years.
    Now that I have to be a sitting duck till June 12, for letting my closed fractured pelvic bones heal, I did start this mega task.
    As of today, I've managed 25% of the years I had to do. Pieter is also reading his Mom's and his brothers' letters before we trash everything. It is like an interesting book. I of course did not have a chance to read but can do that later as they're safely filed away and also on iCloud.
    Great feeling.

    PS This was the result of killer cramps in lower leg, early morning. I fell as my legs did not hold me. Still lucky that I didn't break my hip or anything worse. Getting around on 1 crutch till June 12 and time is going FAST! For me at least...


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