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11 janv. 2019

Moments dans la vie d'une lionne

Panthera leo

Nourrir la marmaille n'est pas une mince affaire quand on vit à l'écart d'une troupe de lions. En effet quelques mois plus tôt, l'arrivée de 6 jeunes mâles a semé la zizanie au sein de la famille: les petits d'une lionne ont été éliminés ainsi qu'un des vieux mâles. La troupe s'est retrouvée divisée, et cette lionne a préféré s'isoler avec ses 2 petits.

Moments in the life of a lioness
Having to feed cubs alone when living separate from the tribe is quite an issue. Indeed a few months earlier, the arrival of 6 young males wreaked havoc : one of the lionesses lost her cubs to one of them and an old male lost his life too. The pride was then divided and this lioness opted to to raise her cubs alone.

18 commentaires :

  1. Hi Noushka.

    Nature as it is, hard and very beautiful
    So strong the lioness to accomplish this.
    Beautiful hair and the cubs to see with the prey.
    Beautiful pictures, so we can enjoy this beautiful nature.

    Groettie from Patricia.

  2. It looks like she's doing a grewat job in looking after those cubs, Carine. As always, wonderful images - but that last portrait is absolutely stunning! Take good car. My very best wishes - - - Richard

    1. Sorry - finger trouble - that should have been 'great job'!! ;-}

  3. Les joies et les difficutés d'une maman seule pour élever ses petits.
    Mais elle s'en sort très bien!
    Magnifiques photos.
    Bisous Noushka.

  4. This is nature and brutal. The mother acted wisely by taking care of her children and will certainly take care of them. The photos are great. Greetings.

  5. Hi Noushka,
    As every one else has said, nature can be so brutal, but it appears that Mum made the correct decision in raising her young.
    Lets hope you eventually succeeded and those little beauties survived.
    Wonderful set of images especially the two young in the last but one.
    All the best, John

  6. Dear Noushka,
    Wonderful pictures of this brave lioness and her cubs. Nice to know their story too. She's doing a great job.
    Best regards, Corrie

  7. Dearest Noushka,
    Absolutely rare and spectacular photos from daily life's struggle of a 'single' lioness raising her cubs.
    It is very brutal when cubs get killed by young male that want to dominate the tribe... Such is nature.
    Sending you hugs,

  8. La nature est cruelle mais elle a sans doute choisi la bonne solution. Les jeunes mâles, jeunes brutes, ont gagné mais peut-être pas pour longtemps parce qu'ils ne vont pas régner tous les six !
    Tes photos sont magnifiques.
    Bises et bonne journée, je vais aller voir ta nouvelle page FB

  9. wow...wonderful photos.
    greeting- evi erlinda

  10. Hello Noushka,
    What a great and impressive shots. So fantastic to see these lions in the wild.

    Greetings, Marco

  11. cela doit être vraiment très intense de vivre pareils moments !
    que du bonheur et en même temps on ne doit pas en mener large tout de même.
    tes photos sont superbes comme toujours
    merci et bon week end

  12. Je n'ai pas écrit de commentaires depuis longtemps et je viens de regarder. Pardonner.
    Vous faites de si belles photos et rapportez. Il y a un commentaire un salaire cher.
    Merci beaucoup meilleures salutations sylvia
    I have not written any comments for a long time and just looked. forgive. You make such wonderful photos and report. There is a comment a dear wage. Thank you very much. best regards sylvia

  13. So lucky to see a kill and woth her cubs. fabulous photos. Struggling a bit here!! Take care Diane

  14. Happy New Year, Noushka! As always, your photos are amazing! I haven't forgotten you, my friend. Life has ben crazy. Every time I see a beautiful bird, I think of you. Wishing you all the best!

  15. Once again, thank you for sharing your beautiful art. The quality of your images helps keep me motivated, Noushka!

    With a mother like that, one does not worry about the cubs growing up to be strong and independent!

    Gini and I hope your New Year finds you healthy and happy! Wherever you may be!

  16. Hi Carine,
    The life of lionesses and their cubs is sometimes pretty tough and risky. They have to cope with the unpleasant laws of nature. A story like this I recently have seen on tv. Your pictures have the same quality as I have seen in that documentary. High class!
    Greetings Kees


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