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5 juin 2017

Guêpiers d'Europe

Merops apiaster
Coraciiformes - Meropidae

Nikon D500 + 200/500 mm
Sud-est de la France
Mi-mai 2017

European bee-eaters
South-east of France

Derrière l'Auberge de la Fadaise, 2 couples nichent au sol:

Behind the Inn where I stayed, 2 pairs are nesting in holes at ground level:

Environ 150 guêpiers sur cet autre site heureusement très protégé:

About 150 birds on this other highly protected site:


 Combien sont-ils, là?!!!
How many do you see here?!!

 Décollage 1:
Take off 1:

 Décollage 2:
 Take off 2:


14 commentaires :

  1. Magnifique!!! j'adore ces oiseaux que j'ai connu l'année dernière. Une très belle lumière sur cette série qui met toute leur beauté en évidence.
    Bises Noushka

  2. I'm amazed at these wonderful images, Noushka. I suspect that capturing them in flight is extremely difficult, and you've done so - perfectly! Such a colourful bird - I'd love to see one again sometime.

    Take good care, and have a great week - - - Richard

  3. encore une fois je suis sans voix

  4. Hello Noushka, These are beautiful images of the Bee-eater. Well done! I would love to see this bird in the wild.
    Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  5. Ouha! quelle série remarquable, bravo!

  6. The bee-eater is something! So vibrantly colored, and it eats bees and dragons! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous bird which I have come to know from your wonderful photos and posts! Wishing you a happy week, my friend, and sending you love and hugs!

  7. Hi Noushka, wonderful set of images of this beautiful bird, they are so colourful. Great flight shots. All the best, John

  8. Coucou oiselle,
    En voir autant d'un coup est une illumination du ciel. Quel arc-en-ciel. Les planés sont superbes. La capture aussi.
    Magnifique série oiselle.

  9. je ne pensais pas qu'il nichait au sol, je pensais qu'il nichait dans les trous de falaise ...
    je rêve d'en voir un jour et tes photos me font rêver , il est si beau cet oiseau

  10. I am getting confused with your blogs, I seem to be doubling up with the other one in my Mum's name!!! Beautiful birds. I used to watch the Carmine Bee eaters for hours when we went to the low-veld in Rhodesia. That was when I worked for the Wildlife Research Officer at the Vet lab and we did a lot of field work. If only I could back to those days. Have a good week, warm hugs Diane

  11. Wow, magnificent Noushka! Lucky you to see those birds, but my compliments for the quality of these pictures.

  12. Preciosas imágenes de Abejaruco.. Enhorabuena.. :-)))

  13. Yay, caught up at last! I've certainly enjoyed a couple of cups of coffee this morning while reading your posts. I made it my goal to catch up on them all. So sorry that I fell behind again. This has been a crazy, disjointed year for me. But you, my friend, are having an amazing year. I so appreciate your willingness to share your world with all of us in the blogging world! Sending you love and hugs!


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