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5 août 2014

Eurasian kingfisher and photography

 Alcedo atthis
  Coraciiformes - Alcedinidae

It is not that simple to take the images we'd like with those kingfishers. That is... to have it on a nice-looking perch, in the grazing morning or evening light and/or in flight or fishing action. 
Most of the time, it's not bad to manage 2 out of the 3 conditions but it is still quite frustrating especially as I have a precise idea of what I want to achieve!
In such cases, one must be ready to spend much time and even then, nothing is won.
Pending on the image that will make me happy - or not since I am a perfectionist never fully satisfied!!! - here are some attitude pics:

If the lake is in background, it is necessary to set the perch so that the water does not reflect the white of clouds: the cell will have problems analyzing the light, and the subject will have great chances to come out quite dark. Compensating with the settings is not a solution, the result will be too grainy.
At mid-day between 10:00 am and 5:30 pm or so, the sun beats down, the light is too hard and the shadow dropped by the beak literally cuts the bird's breast. A cloudy sky will decrease the light on the plumage and it will lack sharpness; it is somewhat the case here... Oh yes!

We are dealing with two youngsters here, the legs are still blackish instead of bright red as with adults; also the plumage isn't as richly colored. Bright hair-like feathers (filoplumes*) run down the back covering the tail.

It can appear turquoise-green or turquoise-blue like with this adult male photographed in 2012.

* Filoplumes are attached to nerve endings and help the contour feather to get back into place after a flying
or preening.

7 commentaires :

  1. Really beautiful images Noushka.

  2. Great pictures Noushka. I know what you mean about never being satisfied with pictures, but I don't think you need to worry! I have never even managed to get close enough to get more than a picture with a blue dot in the middle!

  3. Dear Noushka,
    I would love to see a kingfisher this way. Beautiful pictures!
    Best regards, Corrie

  4. Hi Noushka,
    Really great pictures of the kingfisher!
    Intersesting to read how you deal with the lightconditions. But I think many photographers will already be satisfied taking pictures like you did under less good conditions.
    Greetings, Kees

  5. Wonderful photos, Noushka! These are all really great.

  6. Maravillosas.. Un placer contemplar a estas joyas de la ribera.. Buen trabajo..


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