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29 déc. 2017

Les pies bavardes...

Magpie - Urraca
Pica pica, Corvidae
Spain, 2017/12
Nikon: D500 et D750 + 200/500 mm

Actions et attitudes des animaux, spécialement celles des oiseaux, sont passionnantes et toujours un grand plaisir à saisir sur le vif!

Animal postures specially those of birds, are fascinating and always a great pleasure to seize in the heat of the action!

Cette jeune se promenait la queue relevée, surtout quand le vent lui soufflait dans le derrière!!...
This young one always walked around with  its tail vertical especially in rear wind...

Quand on a la chance que ces superbes oiseaux se présentent dans une belle lumière, on peut alors capter les magnifiques reflets irisés des plumes noires:

It is always a must when the light shines fully on the black feathers revealing their gorgeous shiny iridescence:

Contrairement au Crave à bec rouge et au Grand corbeau, la pie boit sans pencher la tête en biais:

Unlike the Chough or the Raven, the magpie drinks without bending the head sideways:

L'une d'elle décide de prendre un bain:
One of them decide to bathe:

16 commentaires :

  1. Magníficas fotos de una de mis aves preferidas.
    Un abrazo

  2. Hello, Noushka! Wonderful series on the Magpie! I wish you all the best in 2018, Happy New Year to you and your family.

  3. celles là elles se régalent des os de veau que la chienne laisse traîner dans le jardin

  4. Une pie au bain : )))!!!!
    j'aime l'élégance de leur plumage ,j'aurais aimé en apprivoiser une....
    Douce fin d'année et bises pour 2018

  5. un smoking pour la nouvelle année! superbe! bises

  6. Dearest Noushka,
    LOVE that young one with its positive tail up!
    May it be a great sign for all of us to move towards 2018 in a positive way.
    Lovely series and this time complete with bathing even.
    Hugs and wishing you a Happy New Year in good health.

  7. That is a beautiful Magpie, stunning Noushka.

  8. Hi Noushka,
    Another set of super images of the dear Magpie, caught in the correct light and you get the iridescence, they look so similar to the Glossy Starlings we saw in Africa.
    All the best for 2018. John

  9. Gracias, amiga, por acercarnos a la belleza de los pajaros con tus imagenes
    Te deseo un feliz año

  10. Hi Noushka,
    Magpies are regular visitors in our garden. I have never succeeded in making such a great pictures of them like you did. Maybe I have to try harder "LOL". Like you show us here the bird is worth it to be photographed, despite of his bad reputation.

    I wish you a pleasant changing of the year and lots of luck in 2018. Have a good time in nature!
    Greetings, Kees

  11. Hi Noushka.

    Beautiful Noushka.

    I hope to be able to enjoy all your beautiful nature and animals again in 2018.
    Many thanks for all your beautiful things this past year.
    I enjoyed it.

    Groettie from Patricia.

  12. Excellent pictures my friend.. Great!!!
    Happy New Year .. Best wishes for 2018..
    See youuuu

  13. Beautiful pictures, and especially with my tail up, captivated me. I wish you a happy 2018.

  14. Rarement mises à l'honneur et tu l'as fait avec brio.
    Etrange, certains commentaires se valident et d'autres attendent ton approbation.
    Allons bon ;-)

  15. I love the crow family, Noushka! Love the cockiness of young males as they strut about! You have so much knowledge about birds. What are you going to do with all these amazing photos? I hope you donate them to a university or scientific organization. It would be criminal if this body of work were lost!


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