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28 oct. 2016

Cochevis huppé

Galerida cristata
Passeriformes - Alaudidae

Qui ne connait pas le personnage de Walt Disney Bip Bip inspiré par le Géocoucou d'Amérique du nord?
A mon avis voici l'oiseau qui s'en approche le plus en Europe... il en a même la démarche!!
Plus sérieusement, il est commun en Espagne mais cet été il m'a semblé en voir moins que les autres années.

Crested lark
Everybody knows the Disney cartoon character Beep beep inspired by the American Roadrunner... well to me this is the bird that resembles it the most in Europe!!
It is usually common in Spain but this summer it seemed they were fewer.

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  1. So cute, again one I am sure I would never have been able to identify, but maybe now if I see one I will know :-) The friends we stayed with in Nevada had a local 'Beep beep', sadly I missed it twice but N saw it once. Have a good weekend, the weather looks like it will be good so enjoy. Big hugs Diane

  2. Hi Noushka, what a delightful bird and again super images. A definite 'Beep Beep' look to it. Have a good weekend. Regards John

  3. Beautiful pictures of a bird I am not familiar with. For some reason it looks like a juvenile to me. I don't know why!!

  4. Il est joli cet oiseau inconnu pour moi. Tu en as fais de beaux portraits.
    Bises Noushka

  5. Hello Noushka, the Crested Lark is a beautiful bird. Awesome collection of photos. Happy weekend!

  6. on dirait vraiment une alouette , heureusement qu'il a sa houpette !!
    bon week end

  7. Hello Noushka, I love these Lark images. I wanted to stop back and say thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your Saturday and the weekend!

  8. You have really gotten some great shots of this crested lark! It really does look a lot like a road runner which we have around our house quite often

  9. Cette houpette lui donne des expressions toujours très parlantes: on peut presque savoir ce qui lui passe par la tête en le regardant!Ton sujet a fière allure et tes portraits rapprochés sont magnifiques!

  10. Hi there... I am so thankful to have come across your blog this evening. The Lark is stunning, and your images are wonderful~


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